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Sue Weisman

Sue and I worked together on the children's unit at Westwood Lodge, a psychiatric hospital in Westwood, MA. She was also working at Woodside Montessori School, where they were looking for a teacher to pilot a new elementary program. Sue suggested I apply for the job, and enrolled her own children after we opened the classroom.

Ravi Kaur Khalsa
Ravi was the owner, director, and a 3-6 teacher at Woodside. Her faith in my potential and financial support for my training enabled me to become a Montessori teacher.

Gary Davidson
Gary is the founder/director at Seacoast Center for Education, a Montessori teacher training organization. His patience, experience, and wry insights helped guide and support me as a teacher.

Charles Terranova
Another Seacoast instructor with a long and successful Montessori career, Charles' vast experience, and infectious joy inspired and encouraged me along the way.

Rob Keys
Rob still teaches at Seacoast, and over the years turned into a true friend. We eventually taught together at the Cornerstone School in Stratham, NH, some of the best memories of my life.

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