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This is a free library, available through the generous efforts of authors, publishers, and - perhaps most importantly - volunteer typists. Excerpted ABC-Clio titles are provided by arrangement with the publisher and Robert Neville, Editorial Director, ABC-Clio, Ltd.

Montessori Method Cover.png
Absorbent Mind Cover.png
Basic Ideas Cover.png
California Lectures Cover.png
Child in the Family Cover.png
Childhood to Adolescence Cover.png
Discovery of the Child Cover.png
Education for a New World Cover.png
Formation of Man Cover.png
What You Should Know Cover.png
Educate the Human Potential Cover.png

Volunteer Typists:

  • Jen McGraw - The Absorbent Mind, What You Should Know

  • Connie Black - Basic Ideas of Montessori's Educational Theory

  • Anna Colgan - The Child In The Family, Education for a New World, Formation of Man

  • Julie Winnette - The Discovery of the Child

  • Siobhan Henshilwood - To Educate the Human Potential

  • Germaine Koomen - From Childhood to Adolescence

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